Why You Need This Course

  • Demystify Quickbooks

    Learn the language of bookkeeping so that you can run your business with confidence.

  • Clarity in Your Numbers

    Wave goodbye to financial fog so that can actually know your numbers.

  • Profit, Not Panic

    Learn the strategies that keep your creativity profitable, not just possible.

Become the business of your dreams

This course is for you if ...

you are a creative, maker or designer in the early stages of your business. You need help understanding bookkeeping, but everything feels boring or daunting.
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Course curriculum

    1. Creating A Quickbooks Account

    2. Setting Up Your Quickbooks - Settings in Quickbooks

    3. Make Quickbooks look Less Overwhelming

    4. Connecting your bank to Quickbooks

    5. Uploading past Financial Data (If needed)

    6. Chart of Accounts - WHERE YOU CAN FIND ANYTHING

    1. INCOME : The Category when someone pays you!

    2. EXPENSE : The Category when you buy something for the business

    3. ASSET : The category when you buy equipment, furniture, etc

    4. OWNER'S PAY : the category when you pay yourself

    5. Automatic Bookkeeping! - How to Make Rules

    6. RECEIPTS FOR THE MAN - how to keep track of your receipts

    1. Making an invoice AND set up recurring invoices

    2. Who owes me money?

    3. Sales outside of Quickbooks

    1. Making a Vendor, paying contractors and 1099s

    1. Let's Reconcile - Preparing your books

    2. Reconciling: Balancing your books

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 31 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

I'll be holding your hand

Alisha Thomas

Financial Fairy Godmother

I'm Alisha – bookkeeper, dress maker, number nerd, and your biggest cheerleader. With my business, Wait. What? Consulting I've woven a life that marries design with dollars, proving that opposites do attract. My mission? To escort you through the financial maze with grace, strategy, and a bit of magic.

Why should you take this course?

Your google sheet isn't cutting it. You are ready to level up and I can show you how.

  • Tailored for Creatives: Our curriculum is designed with the creative entrepreneur in mind, focusing on the specific challenges and needs of your industry.

  • Get Clarity: If you don't know where your money is coming from or going to you will never reach your full potential.

  • Make Tax Time Easier: Get all your deductions in order (HINT the price of this course will lower your taxable income)

Don't take our word for it!

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“Holy Smokes! I cannot say enough great things about the brilliant and hard working women behind Wait. What? Consulting. I run a small business and always felt like my bookkeepers and CPA were speaking to me in another language. Wait. What? is the exact opposite.”

In the time it takes to rewatch The Devil Wears Prada, you can learn Quickbooks

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